Marlene Wurfel, Garden Director, has written a series of articles for the Parkallen Community Newsletter about our community garden as a permaculture project. Marlene encourages gardeners to cultivate guilt-free relationships with their gardens and to create green spaces that sustain and replenish people.

Access PDF copies of Marlene Wurfel’s gardening articles here:



Marlene Wurfel, founding member of the Parkallen Community Garden, has written an article for MacEwan University’s Earth Common Journal  about the history of the Parkallen Community Garden and it’s interpretation as a permaculture project. Access “Roots, Tendrils, Sprouts and Shoots: A Case Study of Parkallen’s Community Garden, a permaculture project.” in Earth Common Journal, Vol 3, No 1 (2013): The Voice of Change:

Marlene Wurfel_EarthCommonArticle_Parkallen_Community_Garden



  1. cathy lepp says:

    Hi, I just moved into the neighbourhod and discovered the garden.can I pick a cucumber. Or are they just for the people that tend to the garden. I miss my garden back home and would be happy to weed or plant some fall mums. Thanks. Cathy

    1. Hi Cathy — yes, please pick a cucumber or several. Help yourself. Visitors are always welcome to do self-directed gardening and munching. Are you interested in being on our e-mail list? Members receive updates about the garden and invitations to scheduled and directed work bees. They are all optional. You’re welcome to join any time of year. Produce is for everyone, regardless if they’ve planted it/tended it or not. Welcome to Parkallen!

      Marlene Wurfel, Garden Director

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