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The Dirt on the Parkallen Community Garden

The Parkallen Community Garden welcomes visitors of all ages anytime.



Community gardening is an activity sponsored by the Parkallen Community League.

If you live in Edmonton and want to join us in collectively planting, tending and harvesting our garden, subscribe to our mailing list for updates on gardening events and directed work bees. The PCG is tended collectively; there are no individually assigned plots.

Subscribe by emailing garden@parkallen.ca

Show up in our Community

Christine4 (1 of 1)“Open Shed” times 
(when there will be at least one other person at the garden
who will open the shed and work with you)
Tuesday evenings 7:00 p.m.
Weekday mornings at 8:00 a.m.

You’re also welcome to do self-directed gardening anytime. Plant, maintain, and harvest: help yourself to a handful of fresh produce. Pull some weeds. Plant something and add a garden marker that lets others gardeners know what / where it is. Quench some flowers. Make it better than you found it and meet some neighbours.

The PCG is directed by Christine Watts who leads collective work bees.

E-mail garden@parkallen.ca to be put on our mailing list and to receive updates about scheduled garden workbees and led activities.