Garden Map for 2023

One of the things that make The Parkallen Community Garden so special is its open and shared gardening concept as compared to the assigned individual plots of other community gardens. For 2023 we are extending that model by having a “plot captain” for each plot.

The idea is that the Plot Captain guides the theme for each plot. The planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting is of course still shared.

1ShedStorage for tools and supplies. Can always use a tidying
2CompostRose3 bin composter for new, cooking and mature compost. Can always use a turn and some feeding
We also need to refresh the signage to make it more useful
3TreesMarleneAssortment of fruit trees. Could use a pruning and some signage.
4EdgingKevinThe stones that demarcate the edges of the garden can always use a little weeding to keep the grass from overgrowing the garden
5Raised Bed NorthShana
6Raised Bed SouthShana
7Plot 1Kevin G3 sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash
8Plot 2Naomi G
9Plot 3 Marlene WGreen Circle kids garden
10Plot 4Marlene WLittle Learner’s kids Garden
11Plot 5TBDlasagna: maybe some squash or pumpkins or more potatoes!
12Plot 6TBDlasagna gardening maybe more potatoes and some peas
13Plot 7PotatoesPotatoes in the lasagna! big thanks to Suzanne Cheddarchuk for planting!
14Plot 8van city girlI’m hoping for beans and peas, but what ever she decides will be good
15Plot 9ElisaCarrots
16Plot 10Brent FKale and Collards
17Plot 11Marlene WNative Plants
18Plot 12Marlene WKids Creative
19Plot 13Manda
20Plot 14Brian G
21Plot 15Brian G

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