Diggers! It’s Spring and an exciting time for the Parkallen Community Garden. Our funding from Sustainable Food Edmonton is in place and we’re ready to GROW!

You’re invited to join us at the Parkallen Community Hall on May 11th (2012) at 7 p.m. for dessert (potluck) and coffee at our Spring Kick-Off Event.

The Parkallen Sprouts are planning 4 learning and showcase beds at the heart of the garden: A Native Plants Spiral, A Pizza Garden, A Bug and Butterfly Garden, and a 5 Senses Spiral Garden.

The rest of the beds need our loving cultivation too. Some planting ideas so far include a Three Sisters Garden (traditional Native American combination of corn, beans and squash), a “Stinky Stuff” bed (garlic, onions, scallions), and a pumpkin patch that the preschoolers will plant and harvest. Do you have ideas for projects? Want to “captain” a bed of lettuce? Want to espalier some zone-hardy grapes? Now is the time to let us know your interests and good ideas.

E-mail sustainability@parkallen.ca for more info.

On Saturday, May 12th, we’ll starting construction of the children’s gardening beds and we’d love your help.


  1. SherryGreens says:

    Fantastic, very inspiring. I love how the whole community is involved. I would love to get something going like this in my community…

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