Raising Expectations

Shedtemberfest was productive beyond what we dared hope! Even though we didn’t quite manage to finish the shed itself, we got the foundation, frame, and walls in place and the roof mostly done. In addition, thanks to the dozens of volunteers who showed up we were able to build some large compost bins, big enough to hold all of the autumn garden wastes and more besides. All this in a little over five hours total work.

Incidentally, we welcome any and all help with finishing the work over the next few weeks before the snow flies (yes, I said it). We are considering having a second work bee to side and roof the shed, and perhaps we can add the door and lock while we’re at it.

The pictures below sum up the outcomes of the day, although they can’t capture the magic of seeing so many former strangers come together to work for a common goal. Personally, I think the memory will help keep me warm in the winter! Thanks to all our lovely volunteers who cut, nailed, carried, dug, leveled, screwed, measured, barbecued, babysat, and served the beer. You guys rock!

The shed as it stood late in the afternoon.
The composters are complete and ready for the fall’s harvest.
It was this kind of day.

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