Gentlegardeners: Start your seeds

It’s that time of year: watering Parkallen Gardeners: Start your seeds! puckerbut Brent has special-ordered seeds from North Carolina where the PuckerButt Pepper Company claims to have cultivated the hottest pepper ever grown in the history of the world. Of course we’re willing to swap seedlings this Spring. What are you growing?

Carolina Reapers started in eggshells. Grow little peppers! Grow!

We’re on eggshells over here waiting for them to germinate… corny Hope it’s not too corny of me to ask… but will you grow some extra of whatever you’re starting this year for the Parkallen Community Garden?  If everyone grows a tomato plant or two, we won’t have to buy any. And, if you’d like to try something exotic like eggplant or … canteloupe … the PCG has sunshine to spare.


4 Replies to “Gentlegardeners: Start your seeds”

  1. This is a great post! Love seeing the egg shells. Great idea. This also gives me an idea of the gardening season here. Southern Alberta is very different I find. Is there a post up about when about to out seeds in the ground, seedlings in the ground, and sensitive plant like tomatoes and peppers? We are pretty new to Parkallen and would love the advice. The community garden was so lovely last year!

  2. I was wondering how your Reapers did this year with all the heat weve had this summer. Its Oct 16th and my peppers are ready for picking now .. I have a mini green house I built and grew some habinaro, serrano,Kung Pow hybreds and jalapinos all are hotter than expected but very tasty .. Im Growing here in Thorsby just south of Edmonton so in the same growing region..

    1. Our plants grew big but never flowered or produced peppers. Too bad. I was thinking maybe it was a bad year for them — but if you’re harvesting several kinds in Thorsby, I guess it was a fine year. Maybe we just needed to feed them, which we didn’t. Did you fertilize yours?

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